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K.T.I. or the Know Thyself Initiative is constantly Evolving and addressing Spiritual Evolution. Icons use the 5 senses accessing the knowing of our Spirit with shape and color guiding us subliminally activating forgotten purpose. Our goal is to facilitate this process with each icon linking to the appropriate sections and pages. On April 4th 2020 we launched the next phase in our work... the K.T.I. Institute for Spiritual Transformation of 777,000 activated teachers. If you feel you are one, please contact us.

Manifesting soon... The Know Thyself Initiative has evolved into the K.T.I. INSTITUTE for Spiritual TRANSFORMATION

This online esoteric school will incorporate a Forum that facilitates the ability to post comments and ask questions, as well as access the database for past Q/A's on any of the 7 KTI Temple Stages. In this Forum we use material from all books addressed in the 7 KTI Stages/Temples to delve more deeply into the ancient teachings on transforming ourselves and the world.

In 2008 we launched the Know Thyself Initiative to share Divine/direct revelations (D-revelations) and information that we were guided to. Over those 16 years, we’ve written many books and collaborated will many others (Partners in Peace) dedicated to manifesting a peaceful world. To that end, we have also conducted multiple guided ceremonies. Today on the 26th Anniversary of the start of our mission in Jerusalem in 1994, we take this to the next level. Our KTI Central section has been dormant for a while, but in that time we were compiling America’s Hijacked Destiny… treatise on Spiritual Evolution. Despite the title, this treatise is not a book on conspiracy, rather it shares our understanding of how we arrived at where we are today, and the Divine Plan in motion to help us help ourselves.

For us, the most important thing we have learned is the reason and purpose for life. As well as the treatise, we have been working on a study of the Tarot, which we discovered is far more than just a tool for Divination. Rather, hidden withing the symbols, colors, numbers, and astrology is the ancient teachings in overcoming the false ego. Having finished the first volume on the Minor Arcana, we were moved to fictionalize our 26-year journey and share what we have learned in our latest novel Daniel’s Lion Creating Reality, incorporating all our D-revelations.

Originally, we hoped to have finished the final book for the Institute’s launch, which delves more deeply into D-revelations and spiritual guidance, but Covid-19 kind-of got in the way. Regardless, as a part of the launch includes the activation of all 7 K.T.I. Stages/Temples we will carry on. Today is about uniting the world, which the Bridge to Peace Project is the center of. Our website is full of visual symbols to reach the spirit. It also has hundreds of pages sharing what we have learned, as well as a map for Peace with 155,000 people’s names declaring themselves committed to peace. Take some time to explore it. As we have continually said, we are all inclusive and do not require that anyone believe what we say. All we ask is that you are open to the possibility that the website and books just might be guided.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan & Craig



Regarding Saturday’s event (4/4/2020), we have learned that it was the first of three. This is because the numerical energy of that day occurs twice more in April, consequently, we will hold an event April 13th and April 22nd. In the second event (4-13-2020) we will incorporate our previous ceremony held on (4-4-2016), whereas the last will essentially integrate the Bridge to Peace Project, which united the world during the 11-11-11 (November 11th 2011) World Peace ceremonies, through 155,000 people adding their first name to a Peace map. Perhaps it will help if I relate how we came to understand how this will work:
As I said we hadn’t intended on doing a ceremony for KTI Institute’s launch due to the Coronavirus. Irrespective of our unpreparedness, this was no ordinary day as we were dealing with an extraordinary unique opportunity energetically. Therefore, this was not about perfecting a production; like I said it concerned harnessing our intent. We knew it was important when Great Spirit-Mind moved Curtis to produce his gorgeous painting, which spurred Guy and me to create an explanation for the prayer. Since it was all kind-of last minute the event was unrehearsed, as I was unable to get all the material to Curtis until 2:30 pm. Nonetheless, apparently we more than succeeded because as I posted on Facebook, we only needed 12 and at least 20 people “attended.” That said, on our Living Knowledge page we share our discovery of a connection between 3 mountains in Washington State and the original Federal Triangle between the Capitol, Whitehouse, and Washington Monument. Both sets of 3 points formed a right-triangle, but the amazing thing as we said is that they are proportionately identical. Since 2004, Guy has attended every ceremony that energetically marked a particular time, and Curtis joined in from 2010. On Saturday for the first time we were separated from each other, with the four of us (obviously Craig and I were together) proportionately positioned in a microcosm of the triangle of mountains. It seemed that our connection, along with the 20 people’s intent activated the energy that Guy and Dan instigated by placing a mirror on the three points (mountains) in Washington State.

Ultimately, we now understand that the previous ceremonies were designed to hold and build the spiritual energy using Divine Magic. This understanding became apparent in 2016, when we honored the 22nd anniversary of Jerusalem in 1994. In that ceremony, described on our Message Page, we used the same principle used on Saturday, color, imagery, and sound, only in the 2016 ceremony we used the 78 cards in the Tarot. I should stress that as our books reveal, the Tarot was/is so much more than a tool for divination, it was a method to convey the Mysteries of spiritual transformation.

Over the centuries, the teachers of Wisdom found ingenious ways to conceal and preserve the Sacred Mysteries (Divine Magic) mentioned by Jesus from those who would destroy them. Among these were the exquisite architecture, in particular the stained-glass windows of the Gothic Cathedrals, such as Notre Dame, and the breathtaking oil paintings hanging in the Louvre and other prestigious galleries. As you can see, we created a YouTube recording of the 2016 meditation, which we will repeat on April 13th.

The final ceremony/event will bring all the energy that has been building for 9 years, to unite the world in a meditation that honors our connection and commitment to Peace and each other. This will be particularly powerful as 22 is a master number, and it is connected to a world map of 155,000 people in every country dedicated to Peace and unity.

In my Facebook posting, I suggested that the first event was Divinely inspired to help with the Covid-19 crisis. Understanding the three event’s connection to our previous work, we are even more convinced. However, at this point I would like to share what I have learned about the underlying spiritual/energetic causes of this crisis. Recently I’ve heard various comments about the Virus being released by some nefarious group to bring about the Apocalypse of Revelations (last book of the Bible) . Notwithstanding that Covid-19 is a natural occurrence, ironically according to ancient wisdom these people are partly right, as the teachings indicate that people could indeed be behind it. Only according to the Wisdom, it wouldn’t be just a small group, because they believed the mass or collective subconscious of the entire Human Race would need to be involved. This is because Ancient Wisdom teachings maintain that every natural occurrence, such as weather phenomena, and illness are manifested by the Mass Consciousness or Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious. Ignoring the reasons for the former at this time, what about the global pandemic? Could we really have collectively manifested such a thing? According to the Ancient Wisdom teachings from the energetic and evolutionary perspective the answer is Yes, because our spirits will always work for the benefit of the whole. If this is true then it would mean that all of the beautiful souls lost to the virus would have sacrificed their lives, but why? As I understand it, in order to comprehend why the Human Race would bring about such suffering on itself, requires remembering that we all contain a divine spark or spirit within that is completely selfless and always working for our spiritual growth and the Divine Plan.

From the Ancient Wisdom teachings perspective, they would tell us to examine the world before the outbreak. Objectively doing so, I felt that one could be forgiven for thinking that Humanity was racing towards the scenario recorded in Revelations, where a 3rd of Humanity is wiped out, and the chosen are miraculously saved and raptured to heaven. However, since 2010 this scenario is obsolete, as the spiritual protagonist has been neutralized. Even So, what does this mean for today? How could saddling the world with this horrific virus help the Divine Plan? A part of the answer lies in our forced confinement, which has effectively shut down carbon emissions. Yet, according to a UN report in 2018, world cooperation has already resulted in a healing of the Ozone layer and scientists believe that the Artic area will be completely healed by 2030. Perhaps this is why the EPA plans to allow more carbon dioxide to be released shortly. From the Spiritual perspective, this would be a mistake, as Humanity’s intent is everything.

Still, notwithstanding the benefit to the planet, regarding Covid-19 possibly benefiting the Divine Plan, I understand that we can apply the Ancient Wisdom teachings on the personal level. Before the virus, most of us were absorbed in our busy lives that we had kind-of checked out from world events, believing that we could do nothing about the situation. This resulted in the majority of decent caring people being silenced by a tiny minority of misguided, angry individuals following an outdated directive (Revelations...last book of the Bible).

Revelations was written as an allegory to the Fullness of Time of the Age of Pisces and the transfer or our evolution into the Age of Aquarius. Our guided 25-year study of Spiritual Evolution revealed that evolution, usually coinciding with the transfer from one age to another, entailed a period of great upheaval where the majority of Life was wiped out in an extinction event, and only a small number survived. Scientists in the fields of Paleontology and Anthropology confirm this conclusion as they have gathered evidence of several extinction events in the past, and some believe we are in the middle of one right now. Even so, this is no ordinary transfer due to a Divine Plan to correct a terrible mistake that is euphemistically called The Fall. I won’t go into that here as it is addressed elsewhere. The amazing thing is that we are all involved in the plan and at the deepest level understand the part each of us has to play. Our souls/spirits know the plan and connect through the Mass Consciousness, or in modern terms connecting through the World Wide Web.

In this difficult period where we are confined to our houses, if we want to be informed, we are forced to see the plight of so many people. At the same time, we are witnessing the sacrifice of so many first responders and others risking their lives to help. The scenario in Daniel’s Lion Creating Reality that causes a shift in consciousness, includes the Great Awakening. Every day I hear and read of people going within to reassess their priorities, most concern evaluating their spirituality. We are also witnessing acts of compassion and altruism by the silent majority, which is energetically infiltrating the world. It is this energy that we hope to harness in the upcoming events. Since we believe they are Divinely inspired to use Divine Magic, we feel it can affect the situation. We reason that if the Mass Consciousness could manifest this virus to stop us destroying ourselves and the planet, then we can just as easily annihilate the virus, or at least stop it returning. Anyway, as I said above, all we require is an open mind and commitment to helping the world. For those of you who participated on Saturday, your energy and intent will be multiplied exponentially. Thank you &

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Namaste, Peace, Love & Compassion Always, - Suzzan